Any song that samples 93 ‘Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief (my all-time favourite hip hop single) automatically vaults itself to the top of my iTunes chart. The fact that “How We Chill” by European duo Artenviefalt just happens to be one super slick deep house tune only makes this track that much sweeter. I feel like I’m really going to need to work on improving my musical vocabulary when it comes to posting, though. It seems so inadequate to simply state the obvious each time I add a song to the blog (mainly, “I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG”). That being said, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG.


I don’t usually have crushes on younger guys, but Jack Colleran might just be in the process of nixing that. “All These Things” is a single off his 2013 EP Diaries…and man, I can’t get enough of it. Holly Miranda lends some really chill vocals and Jack, well, Jack is just his usual brilliant self. How can a 22-year-old produce such a mature sound?! He has so much control, it confounds me. Mmoths is a pure joy to listen to.


I wish I could claim this single for my own, but I heard it watching a Lacoste commercial on TV. I hate commercials, but once in a blue moon they actually have cool music. Case in point: “Embody” by SebastiAn is a real winner. This punchy dance tune from the 33-year-old Frenchman makes me want to strike an immediate pose. I’m also a huge fan of the distorted vocals and synth work.


I forget exactly how I wound up finding the Internet on the Internet, but I’m really happy I did. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a frontman so captivating. Doesn’t Syd the Kyd just radiate cool? Look at her jamming to the beat! And that crisp white tee? Classic. I could watch her groove for days. But enough about my new girl crush! Hailing from Los Angeles, the Internet plays by a medley of soul, funk, hip hop and electronic tunes. I love how “Dontcha” is so subtly sexy. Like a plain white tee, it never gets old.


Alternative rock band Bombay Bicycle Club have been the darlings of north London since they first appeared on the scene. Their music meets with near-universal acclaim and their most recent album So Long, See You Tomorrow is nominated for the 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Prize. “Carry Me” is infectiously catchy, but also surprisingly detail oriented. It has so much going on (in the best way possible) that I’m continually findings new scraps of instrumentals to attach myself to. It easily satisfies the electronic-music-monster in me with its steady baseline and vocal reverbs, giving me the opportunity to appreciate the single’s more indie/alternative influences (say, hand claps for example). Taken altogether, this is a really fun song.