I wish I could claim this single for my own, but I heard it watching a Lacoste commercial on TV. I hate commercials, but once in a blue moon they actually have cool music. Case in point: “Embody” by SebastiAn is a real winner. This punchy dance tune from the 33-year-old Frenchman makes me want to strike an immediate pose. I’m also a huge fan of the distorted vocals and synth work.


I forget exactly how I wound up finding the Internet on the Internet, but I’m really happy I did. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a frontman so captivating. Doesn’t Syd the Kyd just radiate cool? Look at her jamming to the beat! And that crisp white tee? Classic. I could watch her groove for days. But enough about my new girl crush! Hailing from Los Angeles, the Internet plays by a medley of soul, funk, hip hop and electronic tunes. I love how “Dontcha” is so subtly sexy. Like a plain white tee, it never gets old.


Alternative rock band Bombay Bicycle Club have been the darlings of north London since they first appeared on the scene. Their music meets with near-universal acclaim and their most recent album So Long, See You Tomorrow is nominated for the 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Prize. “Carry Me” is infectiously catchy, but also surprisingly detail oriented. It has so much going on (in the best way possible) that I’m continually findings new scraps of instrumentals to attach myself to. It easily satisfies the electronic-music-monster in me with its steady baseline and vocal reverbs, giving me the opportunity to appreciate the single’s more indie/alternative influences (say, hand claps for example). Taken altogether, this is a really fun song.


If you don’t hear from me for the next week, it’s because I’ve gone and locked myself in a room to listen to the new Alt-J album on repeat. Fuck the yuppie Pitchfork review, I think This Is All Yours is a great follow up to the band’s debut album An Awesome Wave. Alt-J is one of those bands that really grew on me like one of those lingering ivy plants on old college buildings; I didn’t notice them creep up so much until the only thing I could do was hum Joe Newman’s vocals everywhere I went. The band just sounds so fresh! I know they’ve drawn a ton of Radiohead comparisons, but I prefer to see them as separate. (Now, this might just be because I’m not a huge fan of Radiohead—yes, I said it—but you never know.) There are a number of tracks that standout for me, but “Hunger Of The Pine” (with it’s Miley Cyrus sample—say whaaaaa!) was something special. I knew I liked it immediately because my face involuntarily broke out into a huge smile as it played out. It’s like my brain’s failsafe way of telling me I really like a song; my own little “kudos [insert musical artist]“! So kudos Alt-J.


I heard this remix the other day and did a double take. “This is a Britney song?!” In what world does Britney sound this cool? Figures there’s a different Brit behind it: Stuart Price (a.k.a. Jacques Lu Cont or Thin White Duke). He’s a three-time Grammy award winner and British electronic music producer. The original “Breathe On Me,” released in 2003, was then remixed by Price and re-released on a special Britney Spears album in 2005. How fun is that? Almost a whole decade ago! Hope you enjoy this darker version of our bubbly Britney and hit that replay button “one more time!”


JAHRON JOU’RE MAKING ME CRAZY! I’ve been a huge fan of PartyNextDoor (a.k.a. Jahron Brathwaite) since he released his first mixtape under Drake’s OVO label a few years back. He recently dropped his debut album Two in July and the whole thing is just…wow. Like, wow. So chill I can’t even handle it. I’m fangirling pretty hard (he favourited my tweet guys, it’s getting pretty serious). “Sex On The Beach” was a standout track for me. Sampling Disclosure’s infectiously catchy “Latch” is definitely a way to get listeners hooked, but PartyNextDoor gives it a fresh spin with some key bass drops and deliciously dirty lyrics. I figure Jahron has to have the keys to some swanky country club I can only imagine is called Sonic Sex (popular card holders would also obviously include The Weeknd, August Alsina, Drake and JMSN).