I was watching Pretty In Pink for the first time the other night and I had to Shazam a song midway through. For those of you who’ve seen the movie, you probably know the song I got stuck on. There’s 80s pop and then there’s 80s pop. “Elegia” plays at a really dramatic moment between the two main characters and the only thing I could think about was the haunting quality of the lone guitar line. Figures it’s New Order. But the song was so melancholy and mournful, I couldn’t help but think how could this be the same band that produced “Blue Monday” and “True Faith”? Turns out the song is an elegy to late band member Ian Curtis. Heavy stuff. I think it’s a really beautiful instrumental tribute.


Newly released material from Canadian producer Ana treacle is a real treat. “Rover” is my favourite track from the EP. It hits that perfect balance between soulful vocals and glitchy pop. So ethereal too! I feel as though I’m lying knee-deep in a grass field looking up at the summer sky, totally at peace.


Sometimes I catch myself watching random trailers, fashion videos or film student reels looking for new music. I don’t always find what I’m looking for, but sometimes I pick up some really cool gems. Case in point, I would never have stumbled upon Miami group Modernage if I hadn’t been watching Danielle Bernstein’s interview and wishing I could own her wardrobe. “Bullets” has a distinctive early New Order vibe, don’t you think? I love it. DAT BASS LINE.


After listening to the entire Yasiin Gaye mixtape, I’m just going to casually add “bow down to producer Amerigo Gazaway” to my list of things to do. While the young man hails from Nashville, this producer is anything but a load of honky tonk. He’s pretty much been making waves since he appeared on the scene with his breakthrough release of 2011’s Fela Soul. Amerigo is known for his signature mashups, and pairing Yasiin Bey (alias Mos Def) and Marvin Gaye together is no different. (I’m only sorry to have showed up so late to the party!) For those of you already aware of Amerigo’s musical prowess, kudos. For those of you—like me—just coming to terms with his genius, prepare to have your breath taken away. It takes a lot of talent and creativity to reimagine something old and make it new. Amerigo does such a wonderful job of weaving Gaye and Bey’s unique sounds together.


I was curious when my phone pinged late last night. Turns out it was a message from one of my friends who’d recently moved out west. Despite different time zones (what’s three hours anyway?), we still find time to swap music on a semi-regular basis. He told me he’d been busy with school lately and was wondering if I could share any of my latest trance finds with him. If there’s one thing I never decline, it’s the chance to share new music. “Running” by Aly & Fila is definitely one of the songs I’m planning on sending his way. These Egyptian superstars are well-known within the trance universe and have produced a number of chart topping tracks. On this track, they enlist the shimmering vocals of Sue McLaren to deliver a beauty of a single. I’m a huge fan of trance that doesn’t hit you over the head with it’s beat and “Running” strikes the perfect balance for me between progressive and uplifting trance.


If “Golden City” tells me anything about these five strapping Bristol boys, it’s that they’re going to be huge. I’m waiting for the album to drop in December, but until then I’m pretty much playing this single on repeat. It’s a toe-tapping song with so much energy and filled with your typical British swagger.


I usually don’t link to complete albums, but Timecop1983’s Journeys has to be listened to as a whole. This musical discovery from the Dutch producer pretty much made my Friday afternoon. I feel like I’ve taken up a permanent residency on Cloud9 (or at least a summer timeshare). Having grown up with a dad who introduced me to the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order, Roxy Music, Modern English and the Taking Heads at an early age, I can’t help but love a good 80s tune. I always get incredibly nostalgic listening to dreamwave music (probably because, as I’ve reiterated a few times on this blog, it reminds me of quintessential adolescent moments—thanks John Hughes!). Dreampop, shoegaze, dreamwave and synth pop are so ethereal and magical, as though Tinkerbell herself sprinkled each single with fairy dust or the whole world was somehow viewed through your favourite Instagram filter. This album is a wonderful journey (too clichéd?) through a series of wavelengths that make me wish I was either dating Ryan Gosling’s character from Drive or listening to Timecop1983 and M83 collaborate in studio (can you imagine?!). Hope you enjoy as much as me!