I heard this remix the other day and did a double take. “This is a Britney song?!” In what world does Britney sound this cool? Figures there’s a different Brit behind it: Stuart Price (a.k.a. Jacques Lu Cont or Thin White Duke). He’s a three-time Grammy award winner and British electronic music producer. The original “Breathe On Me,” released in 2003, was then remixed by Price and re-released on a special Britney Spears album in 2005. How fun is that? Almost a whole decade ago! Hope you enjoy this darker version of our bubbly Britney and hit that replay button “one more time!”


JAHRON JOU’RE MAKING ME CRAZY! I’ve been a huge fan of PartyNextDoor (a.k.a. Jahron Brathwaite) since he released his first mixtape under Drake’s OVO label a few years back. He recently dropped his debut album Two in July and the whole thing is just…wow. Like, wow. So chill I can’t even handle it. I’m fangirling pretty hard (he favourited my tweet guys, it’s getting pretty serious). “Sex On The Beach” was a standout track for me. Sampling Disclosure’s infectiously catchy “Latch” is definitely a way to get listeners hooked, but PartyNextDoor gives it a fresh spin with some key bass drops and deliciously dirty lyrics. I figure Jahron has to have the keys to some swanky country club I can only imagine is called Sonic Sex (popular card holders would also obviously include The Weeknd, August Alsina, Drake and JMSN). 


And so another summer comes to a close. I spent the last two months living with my one of my best friends and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. I’m headed back home this weekend, but I will miss spending time with her every day. She’s someone you hope stays in your life always because she makes it brighter. Coincidentally, she’s also the one who first introduced me to the Antlers, her favourite band. “Rolled Together” is a really nice subtle single. I think it’s fitting for today’s setting sun, don’t you? Rolled together, life is just a series of sunsets—really fucking beautiful sunsets.


What rock have I been living under?! Massive Attack is definitely one of my favourite bands, so the idea that this single has escaped me for more than a decade is a little worrisome. Conversely, it made for one hell of a magic-music-moment yesterday when I found it (you know, that weird thing when time stands still and everything else ceases to exist but the music?). Anyway, this track is classic 3D and Daddy-G material (even though Daddy-G refused to participate in the making on 100th Window)—trip hop at its finest. If you only have a minute, listen to the introduction of the harp around the one-minute mark. THAT right there is genius. (There’s a reason Massive Attack practically invented this genre…but don’t tell them that, they really don’t like labels.) And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sinéad O’Connor’s haunting vocal track. Ouf.


How do I describe listening to this song? For some reason, it’s quite the musical rollercoaster for me. It starts off like a Ray Charles song, transitions to a soulful James Blake song, hits you with some Gorillas beats and then ends with a taste of alt-J vocals (which inevitably means I’ll be listening to “Breezeblocks” in a minute). This isn’t to say that Australian musician Chet Faker isn’t original or authentic in his own right—he sounds great! I’m really digging this whole electroacoustic sound. “Gold” is a great track to help you get over that midweek hump. (And how about that super slick music video? Love it!)


Last Friday, a few friends and I spent the night around the kitchen table swapping our favourite hip hop tunes. Obviously, my choice was “93 ’til Infinity” by Souls of Mischief—quintessential 90s right there. When it came round the circle to my best friend’s boyfriend, he listed “Let Me Watch” by MF Doom. I’d never heard of this Doom character, but after having listened to the single I was sold (not to mention featuring artist Apani B spits better rhymes than most male rappers do). This single is the definition of chill. Nice, simple arrangement that lets the lyrics do the talking.