I like it when music videos keep the focus on the band AND are stylish af. I happened across “You Settle Me” by Pixel Fix quite by chance the other day and have been listening to it ever since. It’s a great synth-pop single (and fresh off the press too)! Name drop these guys next time you’re at a cocktail party.


Barely a month into the new year and already my favourite radio program is coming through in a big way. Before Sunday night, I’d never heard of Nimmo. London’s latest fresh-faced fivesome are due to drop their debut album sometimes in early 2016. After being unable to listen to “UnYoung” without fervently tapping my toes, I’m looking forward to what this young band will bring to the table. Also…did anyone else confuse the lyrics “unyoung” with “Annyong” from Arrested Development? If you’re a fan of the comedy show, give “UnYoung” another listen. There are some things that can’t be unheard.


I know I just posted about Equador last month, but that post was technically published in 2015 and we’re now in 2016….so that should count for something, right? Regardless, I’m looking to forgo any reservations I have about featuring an artist multiple times (here’s looking at you Zero 7!) in order to give Equador the spotlight. I was blown away by “Blood” in December, but this cover of “Break Me Gently” by the Doves is simply transcendent. I can’t stop watching the video. If anything, it’s confirmed for me that the forthcoming debut album from Bo Bruce and Henry Binns is going to be bananas. I’m talking Gwen Stefani bananas. They only have two singles out and already their sound is marked by such rich consistency and subtle complexity. Can’t wait to hear more!