I’ll freely admit it, a trailer featuring Zac Efron led me to find this song. No regrets. In fact, I couldn’t be happier. I’m a big Bassnectar fan, so the fact that this beauty slipped past my radar is a little unnerving. I’ve often talked about those select tracks that simply manage to transcend anything and everything. I think “You & Me” might just be one of those tracks for me. For all the EDM haters, I just want to say THIS is dance music done right. It makes me so incredibly nostalgic for Las Vegas and the glittering brilliance of its speedway during EDC.


Who would have thought Pink and City and Colour would make for a kickass folk duo? Apparently Alecia and Dallas are old friends and some time magically opened up in both their busy schedules to allow them to get together in the studio. Long story short, they spent a week in the studio and produced—wait for it—an entire album. Though the album came out last fall, it just fell across my lap recently. I’ve listened to the whole thing a few times now and each time I’m pleasantly surprised by the subtle harmonies of both artists. I mean, we all known Dallas has the delicate timber of a celestial being, but hearing it in combination with Pink’s raw vocals was such a cool contrast. “Love Gone Wrong” is probably my favourite single from the album. I love this live version as it shows the incredible amount of passion Alecia and Dallas bring to the project. Really nice collaboration here.


I’m trying so hard not to let out a huge “awwwwww” in writing this post. Being a big fan of The xx, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside seeing members Romy and Jamie collaborate on something. As many of you know, Jamie hit the epitome of cool (and then some) remarkably fast as an up-and-coming producer in the 2000s. He’s often spoken of in the same breath as Four Tet, which is saying something. On top of “Loud Places” being just a great tune, the video melts my heart. Don’t they just look like such good friends?! I think that’s what I love so much about it. He chose Romy on vocals for a reason. So in that way, the song underscores the deep bond of friendship these two musicians have for one another. I think it’s great.


I recently discovered British hip hop trio Hawk House. Brothers Sam and Eman Croydon, along with Demae, have helped usher in a new era in Britain’s ever-fresh hip hop scene. “It’s Everyday” is a track off their debut mixtape about a year or so ago. The group has since gone on to cement their reputation as one of the most exciting emerging hip hop groups around. Knowing me, I’m all over that slow flow. Like any good artist making a name in their scene, Hawk House keep it socially conscious. These guys are serious poets! How about that opening line? “I’m prone to hit prose and proceed when they oppose.” DAMN.


Another trio from Toronto! I first heard the Rural Alberta Advantage when I was watching the coolest documentary trailer I’ve ever seen. Aside from my aspirations at the time to take up base jumping, I thought the song playing in the background was on point. So much texture in those vocals. Since then, I’ve kinda associated the RAA with intense liberation and outdoorsy adventure (“Tornado ’87” fits pretty well into that category, actually). This track is probably one of my favourites from the band; it’s got a great pulse and driving rhythm. I’m super stoked to see these guys in the summer when they swirl?…barrel?…into town (followed by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith…I know, be still my beating heart). Another reason I love this song is that it reminds me how little control we have over anything and everything. I really just need to take a cue from Nils Edenloff lyrics and “let go.” And with that, I’m going to go watch some base jumping videos.