The return of the Mau5! I’m loving this ambient electronic tune from Canada’s headlining (or is it always-in-the-headlines?) kingpin of dance music. There’s something very Boards of Canada about “Snowcone,” don’t you think? It’s so soothing to the ear.


I don’t know about glowed up, but I can tell you I’m fired up about Kaytranada’s debut album 99.9%. I even pre-ordered the thing on iTunes I was so excited…I mean, who even does that these days? It’s pretty much the only music I’ve listened to for the past three weeks and is easily my favourite release of 2016. For a few years now, I’ve kept a close eye on the Canadian producer and his stratospheric rise to fame. He’s only 23 and already he’s worked with everyone from Mobb Deep to Syd. If you listen to some of his interviews, he has some really interesting things to say about genre and his approach to music in general. He doesn’t like being pigeonholed by industry pundits as simply an “electronic” artist. He spans a number of styles including hip hop, jazz, instrumental, electronic, etc. “Glowed Up” is one of my favourites off the album—Anderson .Paak’s delivery, amirite! I highly recommend Kaytranada’s album if you’re looking for some fresh new beats. Oh, and did I mention I’m also seeing him in concert tonight in Montreal?😀

SINCE WHEN – 54-40

I was listening to the radio the other day and managed to catch the tail end of “Since When” by 54-40. Talk about a flash from the past! A straight shooter of my favourite poison: Sweet Nostalgia. I haven’t heard that song in years and can still recite the chorus from memory. (Something I find that strangely comforting in an era when we don’t even remember our mothers’ cell phone numbers.) It was the band’s highest charting single and remains one of their most popular songs. Nothing like a good old 90s Canadian rock tune to start off the weekend with. Happy Friday!


Friday is always a good day, but even more so when it involves DJ Shadow or Run the Jewels. But what about when it involves both DJ Shadow AND Run the Jewels? TGIF. Ever since I clicked on the Pitchfork headline that included the words “teams with” and “new track,” I’ve been listening to “Never Speaks” on repeat. It’s like a hip hop James Bond anthem with a badass bass line—it even brings the quintessential 007 brass! What’s more, you have Killer Mike rapping “live to shoot another day” as though he had his trigger-finger casually resting on his trusty Walther PPK. (Think El-P can pull off a pair of trunks like Daniel Craig?) The song’s release, a precursor to DJ Shadow’s upcoming album The Mountain Will Fall, marks a new era for the renowned producer. From Entroducing to “Never Speaks,” Shadow has moved from sourcing samples to creating more original content in Ableton Live. If this track is any indication, we’re all in for a treat come June 24.


As a Canadian female living in the 12-25 youth bracket—admittedly the cusp—, I feel a certain patriotic duty to champion Justin Bieber as the reigning King of Pop. Though I’ve never been a huge Belieber, I do believe in showing loyalty to my fellow Canadians on the world stage. Undoubtedly, he’s made it a little hard to come out as an outright fan over the past few years given the slew of scandals that saw him labelled as L.A.’s resident bad boy (including, but not limited to, the infamous Calabasas egg-throwing vandalism count of 2014). But then he emerged—clad in gorgeous Calvin Klein undies—with the release of Purpose, effectively throwing off the yoke of his youth and delivering a real redemptive, coming-of-age album. The new music is a clear departure from his old material and I can’t help but love it more because of Skrillex’s involvement (see my recent post about Sonny Moore to know why). I first heard “Company,” the fourth single off Purpose, a few days ago and instantly fell in love with its lush R&B sounds and subtle electronic tones. Pop at its best you might even say. But more than that, “Company” was a track that I could finally, and unabashedly, flaunt to the world as my new favourite Bieber track. Ladies and gentlemen, the return of the King has arrived.