New material from Father John Misty! My friend recently introduced me to Joshua Tillman’s solo stuff (who knew he had a whole career outside of Fleet Foxes?) and I instantly gravitated towards his track “The Ideal Husband.” It’s so damn catchy! The lyrics are awesome and paint a totally irredeemable character. Listening to this track makes me feel badass and a little mischievous. Like, let’s grab the tequila bottle and make a run for it! Haha. Anyway, I recommend the complete album too. It’s good stuff.


I figured today’s post would be my salute to Valentine’s Day tomorrow. And what better song to dedicate to the day dedicated to love than the famous “Wonderwall” by Oasis? I love the original, but just had to post Ryan Adams’s dreamy cover of “Wonderwall.” In fact, it’s so good that even the guy who penned the song in 1995 thought it was the best interpretation he’d ever heard. In an interview with SPIN magazine, Noel Gallagher had this to say about it: “I think Ryan Adams is the only person who ever got that song right. I’d love to do the Ryan Adams version, but in front of 60,000 Oasis fans that wouldn’t be possible.” (Exceedingly high praise coming from a Gallagher, lez be real.) So if you’ve already found your Wonderwall (…jelly), I wish you and yours all the bedheaded best this February 14. And if you’re like me and still searching, well, all the best to you too. <3