I listened to this song at least a dozen times before I even realized it was sung in Japanese. (The beauty of shoegaze, eh?)  Hailing from Tokyo, Kinoko Teikoku are a four piece Japanese group fronted by vocalist Sato. If you like My Bloody Valentine or any kind of post-rock stuff, I think you’ll like these guys. Having only found “Whirlpool” a few weeks ago, I’ve since adopted the track as one of my summer 2015 songs. I realize it’s a few years old, but get lost in the reverbs for a bit like me and it will all jumble together.


I’m going to make a semi-bold statement here and say that Little Simz might just be my favourite find of 2015. There’s nothing like finding a quality female rapper in an age when it’s still cool to diss a chick for refusing to swallow. Better yet, Little Simz hasn’t even hit her stride yet (I think she’s like 20 or 21). After Jay Z’s Life+Times website picked up on her talent in 2013, she gained a lot of visibility and press acclaim. Since then, she’s been busy dropping EPs, mixtapes and preparing material for a debut album. But I feel like this young North Londoner is just getting started. In addition to leading her quiet hip hop revolution in the UK, Little Simz continues to produce a ton of content and get her voice out there. It’s rare to find an artist who is as talented as they are prolific. “Guess Who” is a chill track that features a number of other rappers from the SPACE AGE music family. (Whoever is the beat maker deserves a raise.) If you like what you hear, you should really check out more of her stuff. She’s worth the listen!

Side bar: I also included a second link to one of her tracks so you could get a feel for her live performances. Absolute FIRE.


I have this friend who likes to randomly text me rap lyrics assuming I’ll catch on at some point (I rarely do). Anyway, this week he’s been all about A$AP Rocky. The rapper’s sophomore album dropped on Tuesday and I’ve been listening to most of it on repeat since its release. At.Long.Last.A$AP is pretty fucking great (except for that gratuitous Rita Ora smear). I read a great article from The Atlantic about the album and it mentioned how Rocky was pretty much high on psychedelic drugs the whole time he was making it. So “L$D” is a fairly accurate track to represent the lot. Let me just say this for the man, he knows how to set the mood! I think I’ve watched the video at least two dozen times. It’s so trippy. (Duh Dylan.) Love the chill vibes he puts out.


I woke up this morning to a message from one of my best friends living in San Francisco. The message was pretty simple actually, just a single YouTube link. We used to always swap music, but he got a pretty bad concussion a few years back that made listening to anything with a beat a lot harder. Anyway, he’s doing much better these days and our old habit of zipping code across the Internet has made a comeback. Knowing my penchant for chill music, he sent me “Greet Me” by Anya. (Them Danish downtempo vibes!) I read someone describe it as “breezy R&B” and I couldn’t agree more.


I’ll freely admit it, a trailer featuring Zac Efron led me to find this song. No regrets. In fact, I couldn’t be happier. I’m a big Bassnectar fan, so the fact that this beauty slipped past my radar is a little unnerving. I’ve often talked about those select tracks that simply manage to transcend anything and everything. I think “You & Me” might just be one of those tracks for me. For all the EDM haters, I just want to say THIS is dance music done right. It makes me so incredibly nostalgic for Las Vegas and the glittering brilliance of its speedway during EDC.