As you know, I love me a good 80s synth song. I think that decade mastered bombastic simplicity, if that makes any sense (I realize it’s quite the paradox). In any case, I was overjoyed when I found out that some of the best parts of 80s synth music lives on in modern-day dream pop. Similar to shoegaze, dream pop is very atmospheric and focuses on creating specific sonic textures and moods. “We Are The Wild Ones” is one of my favourites. Why? 1) It sounds like it could have been included on the Drive soundtrack (watch the movie and listen to the music if you haven’t already—brilliant use of electro-pop), 2) it makes me feel nostalgic in a John Hughes kind of way and 3) Nina used to play Depeche Mode tapes as a kid growing up in Berlin and lists them as a major influence. Yup.


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