What rock have I been living under?! Massive Attack is definitely one of my favourite bands, so the idea that this single has escaped me for more than a decade is a little worrisome. Conversely, it made for one hell of a magic-music-moment yesterday when I found it (you know, that weird thing when time stands still and everything else ceases to exist but the music?). Anyway, this track is classic 3D and Daddy-G material (even though Daddy-G refused to participate in the making on 100th Window)—trip hop at its finest. If you only have a minute, listen to the introduction of the harp around the one-minute mark. THAT right there is genius. (There’s a reason Massive Attack practically invented this genre…but don’t tell them that, they really don’t like labels.) And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sinéad O’Connor’s haunting vocal track. Ouf.


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