I usually don’t link to complete albums, but Timecop1983’s Journeys has to be listened to as a whole. This musical discovery from the Dutch producer pretty much made my Friday afternoon. I feel like I’ve taken up a permanent residency on Cloud9 (or at least a summer timeshare). Having grown up with a dad who introduced me to the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order, Roxy Music, Modern English and the Taking Heads at an early age, I can’t help but love a good 80s tune. I always get incredibly nostalgic listening to dreamwave music (probably because, as I’ve reiterated a few times on this blog, it reminds me of quintessential adolescent moments—thanks John Hughes!). Dreampop, shoegaze, dreamwave and synth pop are so ethereal and magical, as though Tinkerbell herself sprinkled each single with fairy dust or the whole world was somehow viewed through your favourite Instagram filter. This album is a wonderful journey (too clichéd?) through a series of wavelengths that make me wish I was either dating Ryan Gosling’s character from Drive or listening to Timecop1983 and M83 collaborate in studio (can you imagine?!). Hope you enjoy as much as me!


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