After listening to the entire Yasiin Gaye mixtape, I’m just going to casually add “bow down to producer Amerigo Gazaway” to my list of things to do. While the young man hails from Nashville, this producer is anything but a load of honky tonk. He’s pretty much been making waves since he appeared on the scene with his breakthrough release of 2011’s Fela Soul. Amerigo is known for his signature mashups, and pairing Yasiin Bey (alias Mos Def) and Marvin Gaye together is no different. (I’m only sorry to have showed up so late to the party!) For those of you already aware of Amerigo’s musical prowess, kudos. For those of you—like me—just coming to terms with his genius, prepare to have your breath taken away. It takes a lot of talent and creativity to reimagine something old and make it new. Amerigo does such a wonderful job of weaving Gaye and Bey’s unique sounds together.


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