I found a great new radio show to listen to! (Well, “new” might be an exaggeration. It’s only been around for the past seven years or so…) Anyway, I was scrolling listlessly through my Twitter feed late last Sunday night and stopped to click on three words: Bonobo + bedtime mix. Be still my beating heart. I hit the hyperlink and jumped to BBC Radio 1’s Hot Water Bottle hosted by DJ Annie Mac. Apparently there’s a show every Sunday night for all the night owls of the world specifically geared towards chill electronica and downtempo beats. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY SUNDAY NIGHTS FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS?! All this to say that I love the program! Annie Mac is awesome and her music selection and guests are insanely good. One of her recent episodes featured up-and-comer Jack Garratt. He discussed his single “The Love You’re Given” and how it grew from a sample from the film 20 Feet to Stardom (a documentary about famous back up singers). Jack was so inspired by one of the women’s voices that he recorded the sample on his phone and then created a whole song around it. He’s since shown the singer the song and she quite likes it – how freakin’ cool is that? I love hearing about collaborations between artists. Sound is unifying. A really beautiful concept, don’t you think?


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