This collaboration, though. Rock legend Robert Plant and bluegrass-country queen Alison Krauss?! There’s a reason Raising Sand won album of the year at the 2009 Grammy Awards. Now, many of you might be thinking to yourselves “why would Dylan ever include a bluegrass-country single on her blog?” You’re quite right. I have an extremely low patience for Top 40 songs about pickup trucks and red solo cups (not that Plant and Krauss qualify as that kind of music). However, I have to remind myself from time to time that music taste is relative and that I should stop being so judgemental when it comes to certain genres. There are lots of quality tunes in every genre! When this album came out in 2007, my grandmother might have well been a promoter for the label. I can’t count the amount of times I heard it on repeat ad nauseam…and you know what? I liked it. Maybe it’s just the wonderful pairing of Robert and Alison’s voices, but I even grew to love the signature twang of bluegrass steel guitars. Though I know my heart will always beat for an electronic beat, I think it’s good to listen to something outside your comfort zone every now and then. And yes, you’re not imagining things. I did include a YouTube link to a Nashville song sung by Connie Britton and Charles Eston. It’s another bluegrass duet that is super soothing and just a pleasure to listen to. (You may now judge me for watching this sappy country show.)


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