You know those songs that just melt your body and soul? “Throw Your Chains Off” is one of those songs. It’s this kind of music that reminds me why I listen to music so much in the first place. It just makes me feel like I’ve never before been so connected to the present moment. I can’t even. Mr. Carmack, born in San Francisco but based in Honolulu, has got to be one of the most down to earth producers I’ve come across (check out the THUMP interview included below). I really love that Aaron’s popularity has been largely affected by the growing grassroots movement taking place on the Internet. Sites such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud are giving emerging artists unparalleled exposure to niche communities and international fanbases. The digital revolution has made music so much more accessible to the masses and helped many a musician get their feet off the ground. To paraphrase Mr. Carmack in his THUMP interview, it’s all about coming together with likeminded people and creating a sense of community or shared culture. I really like the idea that music unites us in common belief and freedom of expression. Hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do!


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