Not sure if it was the caffeine from my coffee or what, but I had a Shazam spasm at the café this morning. My phone couldn’t figure out the band playing over the hum of conversation, so I desperately ran to the nearest barista and asked him to track down the track name for me. Yes, I was that customer. But, you know, I have no qualms about behaving a little obnoxiously in the name of new music. Long story short, the band’s name was Ultraísta. They make some pretty sweet experimental electronic stuff (comparisons to Radiohead have been thrown around). I like “Wash It Over” a lot because it’s just so chill. It makes a perfect contemplative coffee song for the afternoon.

Postscript: HOLY HELL! The Four Tet remix of their song “Smalltalk” is insanely good. I think I may have found a new favourite song. Okay, nothing will beat “Hayling,” but this comes pretty close.


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