You know how there are some things that just make you feel intensely proud of your nationality? I think Purity Ring is one of those things for me. Like Frank Gehry or Margaret Atwood (…okay, maple syrup and hockey too), this Canadian duo is right up there with my favourite things to come from the True North. Corin and Megan are so cool—like almost too cool. (Maybe our sub-zero temperatures have started to have a tangible impact on my country’s electronic musicians?) Every time I listen to them, I fall more and more in love with their sound. I feel like they bring synth to the masses in a way that’s not overly bombastic or too in-your-face. Their latest release, Another Eternity, is one of those albums I can listen to start-to-finish without skipping a track. If you like electronic music done right, I recommend listening to this album ASAP. You too can be proud of Canada. 🙂


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