Another trio from Toronto! I first heard the Rural Alberta Advantage when I was watching the coolest documentary trailer I’ve ever seen. Aside from my aspirations at the time to take up base jumping, I thought the song playing in the background was on point. So much texture in those vocals. Since then, I’ve kinda associated the RAA with intense liberation and outdoorsy adventure (“Tornado ’87” fits pretty well into that category, actually). This track is probably one of my favourites from the band; it’s got a great pulse and driving rhythm. I’m super stoked to see these guys in the summer when they swirl?…barrel?…into town (followed by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith…I know, be still my beating heart). Another reason I love this song is that it reminds me how little control we have over anything and everything. I really just need to take a cue from Nils Edenloff lyrics and “let go.” And with that, I’m going to go watch some base jumping videos.


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