If you’re a frequent YouTuber, no doubt you’ve fallen down the digital rabbit hole of autoplay. It’s a feature of the site that generates a queue of similar videos for users to watch that plays as soon previous videos finish. The other day I had one of those rare autoplay sessions that can only be described as the closest thing I’ve experienced to a Vulcan mind meld in a long time. “Got It All (DJ Brace Remix)” by the Brown Bag Allstars (BBAS)  is one of those songs I probably wouldn’t have found had I not been listening to CYNE on the recommendation of a friend. I forgot to turn off the autoplay function and before you knew it, I was listening to the hip hop collective of J57, The Audible Doctor, Koncept, Soul Khan, DeeJay Element, E Holla and DJ Goo that make up BBAS. I mean, wow. Just w-o-w. I realize I’m a little late to the party, but these guys are the real deal. Did you know they formed the group in a Brooklyn record store called Fat Beats? I don’t know how much more authentic you can get. Class act.


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