Skrillex (Sonny Moore) is best-known for his bangaranging bass tracks, but the native Californian is really a musical chameleon (Bieber and a newly minted Grammy for “Where Are U Now” springs to mind). He’s an incredible producer with a mind programmed—not unlike to his beloved computers—for music. Here he teams up with Team Ezy to deliver “Pretty Bye Bye” featuring NJOMZA: a dreamy downtempo track I can’t get out of my head. I’ve always admired Sonny’s unapologetic attitude towards the automaton nature of his craft. Critics run themselves ragged citing the “mechanical failure” of music made by Macs, but Skrillex remains unphased. I know the debate between analog vs. digital is a touchy one, but I can’t help but side with Skrillex. But many musicians, including the incomparable Dave Grohl, perceive modern digital production to be a radical erosion of sound quality. I just don’t think it has to be a case of one over the other. Passion is passion. Watch the second video I posted from The New York Times and tell me that’s not the same passion, intellect and creativity you’d find from a garage band! (It’s also a fascinating insight into the minds of two of electronic dance music’s masterminds. Beiber, alas, is not so eloquent.) All that’s left is to Ctrl + Alt + Delete the haters and just enjoy the music.


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