CHILLS. That’s the only way I can describe listening to the haunting return of Tricky to the ever-rippling fold of Massive Attack. It feels so familiarso right. The interweaving vocals of Tricky and 3D take me right back to the days of “Inertia Creeps” and “Karmacoma.” Oddly enough, I’ve often found these tracks to be my very own kind of bedtime lullaby. Kinda creepy and ominous, but perfect for the dark. Massive Attack is in full force on “Take It There,” off the band’s latest EP Ritual Spirits, and prove that their hallmark meditative moodiness is strong enough to span the some 20 years since Tricky’s departure. (Rumors are that the band is set to release another EP later this year with Daddy G returning to lend a hand. Everyone cross your fingers now!) If you’re like me, then you’ve no doubt already turned out the lights and turned up the volume on this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!


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