As a Canadian female living in the 12-25 youth bracket—admittedly the cusp—, I feel a certain patriotic duty to champion Justin Bieber as the reigning King of Pop. Though I’ve never been a huge Belieber, I do believe in showing loyalty to my fellow Canadians on the world stage. Undoubtedly, he’s made it a little hard to come out as an outright fan over the past few years given the slew of scandals that saw him labelled as L.A.’s resident bad boy (including, but not limited to, the infamous Calabasas egg-throwing vandalism count of 2014). But then he emerged—clad in gorgeous Calvin Klein undies—with the release of Purpose, effectively throwing off the yoke of his youth and delivering a real redemptive, coming-of-age album. The new music is a clear departure from his old material and I can’t help but love it more because of Skrillex’s involvement (see my recent post about Sonny Moore to know why). I first heard “Company,” the fourth single off Purpose, a few days ago and instantly fell in love with its lush R&B sounds and subtle electronic tones. Pop at its best you might even say. But more than that, “Company” was a track that I could finally, and unabashedly, flaunt to the world as my new favourite Bieber track. Ladies and gentlemen, the return of the King has arrived.



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