Friday is always a good day, but even more so when it involves DJ Shadow or Run the Jewels. But what about when it involves both DJ Shadow AND Run the Jewels? TGIF. Ever since I clicked on the Pitchfork headline that included the words “teams with” and “new track,” I’ve been listening to “Never Speaks” on repeat. It’s like a hip hop James Bond anthem with a badass bass line—it even brings the quintessential 007 brass! What’s more, you have Killer Mike rapping “live to shoot another day” as though he had his trigger-finger casually resting on his trusty Walther PPK. (Think El-P can pull off a pair of trunks like Daniel Craig?) The song’s release, a precursor to DJ Shadow’s upcoming album The Mountain Will Fall, marks a new era for the renowned producer. From Entroducing to “Never Speaks,” Shadow has moved from sourcing samples to creating more original content in Ableton Live. If this track is any indication, we’re all in for a treat come June 24.


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