I don’t know how I got here and the whole thing is slightly upsetting. You see…I’m a bit of a closeted country fan. I’ve been able to deny it for a while now, but I think it’s time to finally come clean. Every now and then my hand twitches and I involuntarily switch the dial on the radio to the local country station. (We’re talking Ouija board shit.) It’s mostly a summer flirtation. Anyway, I was listening to the radio the other night with my windows rolled down and “Workin’ On Whiskey” came on. I’ll tell you right now that from the moment I heard it, I knew this song was something special. It’s been roughly a year since I started getting my twang on and I’ve only found about a handful of artists I could actually see myself listening to long-term (so much of country is the same four chords after all, but then again, the same is true of a lot of popular genres). Jessica Mitchell sounds like the female Chris Stapleton, which is pretty much the biggest compliment I can give at this point in time what with my limited knowledge of country in general. And get this…she’s Canadian! Within hours, I’d snapped up tickets to her upcoming show in town and pretty much told everyone I knew about her. I feel like she gets what country is all about: grit.


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